In the future, e-cigarettes will be strictly regulated. Will there really be no fruit flavor?

It's not hearsay. It's true.

To say fruity is a bit of an understatement, but no e-cigarettes other than tobacco are allowed to be sold.

The owner of my circle of friends has opened a fruit stand. What will stores sell in the future? New products in line with national standards. Now it is July, the major brands should have studied almost and submitted for review. It is estimated that in October they will see in the stores. But personally, I'm not too pessimistic.

Remember that tobacco flavor is not "tobacco flavor", but "tobacco flavor". "Electronic cigarette" national standards: should not make the product characteristics of flavor present other than tobacco flavor.

That is, you can add flavor additives, but no matter what you add, the first taste to the user must be "smoke." But as anyone in the perfume business probably knows, a scent has a front note, a middle note and a back note. So the "smoke" flavor, there are still a lot of corners that can play.

The GB has a white list of 101 additives that can be seen in many other flavors, such as alpha-ionone, which can be used to make cherry flavors, and many flavorings such as cream and lemon flavors. The remaining issue is the level of research and development of major e-cigarette brands and whether the products can be approved.

I mean, while it's really sad that the taste of e-cigarettes is gone, the core of the harmfulness of e-cigarettes remains. The removal of flavor is to prevent minors and smokers from starting to smoke, is to prevent from zero to one. When smokers switch to e-cigarettes, they reduce the risk from 10 to 1.

So in theory, e-cigarettes are the way to go. As for business, I have been to several stores recently, but they have been changed to collection stores. It is said that there is a regulation that requires e-cigarette stores not to operate exclusively, that is, they are not allowed to sell only one brand.

More brands, more choices, store competition will be more intense, so it is difficult to do business. And then there's the issue of getting a license. If the store doesn't get a new license, it's out of business. Anyway, I will continue to use e-cigarettes even if I don't have the taste. It's not worth it to go back to rolling cigarettes. Let's see how they taste.

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