Nowadays, e-cigarettes are very popular. It is said that e-cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes. Is it true?

I used to smoke a pack of real cigarettes a day, and then I smoked e-cigarettes for three months without touching real cigarettes.

The benefits of e-cigarettes are basically known, and the general advertisements will say it clearly. Let's talk about my personal feelings in the past three months.

1 oral ulcer before I hardly ever had oral ulcer, until the smoke electronic after half a month, let me how pain is experienced oral ulcer, basic can't chew, then buy watermelon frost powder, apply for a week. Maybe my mouth is allergic to perfume, feedback is also see a lot of people have oral cavity ulcer just reminds me of is a problem with electronic cigarettes.

It is not clear whether it is my psychological reason or what, but I did not experience this situation when I switched back to real cigarettes. I did not find something similar to me. Maybe it is my psychological effect, and I do not smoke much each time, only 4-5 breaths.

I have been smoking e-cigarettes for some time. There is obviously a very strange smell in the cigarette smell, which is just like the smell of burning plastic. If I smoke too much at a time, I will feel nauseous and dry heaves several times.

E-cigarette does have an effect, but I still can't stand these 3 points. Now change back to real smoke, can't quit, really can't quit. For us, this kind of heavy smoker to quit smoking is not so simple as the marketing number said, what patience, self-control, are all empty.

There's too much pressure on us guys in this world right now.

The most RELAXING TIME for myself EVERY day is on the way from work, lighting a cigarette, looking at the afterglow of the sunset, what do not think, so quietly standing meeting

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