Are there any good recommendations for e-cigarettes?

Before we begin, let me just say, minors and non-smokers out! Far away from E-CIGARETTES, children ~ I have used E-CIGARETTES for more than 2 years. I personally pay attention to taste and taste. After all, I am with the goal of food cravings (not) to choose the taste HA!​ I got into cigarettes when I was in school, and my dad was a big smoker!

I grew up being cured by the smell of smoke. When I went to school to make a few friends, I began to smoke... (Good boy, don't teach me!!)

Later, when I found myself addicted, I couldn't quit if I wanted to. I was a person with weak willpower. And then when I decided to use e-cigarettes instead, it didn't work.

But now! I'm already a fairy without the smell of smoke! I use e-cigarettes to see one taste, one taste, one appearance, a comprehensive is to pay more attention to the sense of use! Of course, ALSO MUST BE REGULAR brand ~ I NOW MOST commonly used is the extreme feeling of the planet series, is their home out of the new appearance, appearance level is relatively high.

But the appearance level is only secondary! His taste is my favorite point. I personally prefer the taste of fruit, but fat sausage hates sweet greasy! (similar to the highest evaluation of dessert in China is "not too sweet" ha ha ha) using his family's previous brands is very boring... Not tired of special cool and refreshing, cool and refreshing to feel that my lungs stole the essence of wind oil (not)...

My home is in the northeast... Harbin... And I'm a bit of a skiing enthusiast, anyway, every now and then I go to the snow resort... When I smoke in the cold air, I feel like he's doing magic to me... Body cold female Han tears appear on the spot...

​Fortunately, the very feeling is not, choosing a good taste is really not cold! His family's green flavor, blueberry flavor, berry ice Li, Manmang red pomelo, and what berry melon, berry banana, anyway, they are fruits, you can see the name, are very good.

In addition to fruit, there is also a raw coconut latte, what bubbles (forgive me for remembering hahaha, too many flavors...). They all taste good anyway.

I used a few blind boxes, and I always like to change new flavors. I have tried a lot of flavors. I basically closed my eyes and the taste was not strong.

It is worth mentioning that electronic cigarettes are this kind of thing, often smell more fragrant than smoking. I hair small old said I hook want to drink milk tea ha ~ in short, the above only represents personal preferences, don't bar, bar is you, bar fine back scattered!

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