Who suffers more after divorce, men or women?

Men because they are strong, often lack consideration, and are easy to follow nature.

This is also shown in daily life.

For example, a man loses his temper when a couple is fighting.

At this time, the man often said, "This place is too bad to stay in," and left home. In fact, men are far more likely than women to run away from home because of anger.

However, the wife need not panic. A man runs away from home in a menacing manner, and returns in a few days.

So we can compare a runaway man to a salmon. Because salmon, when they are in high spirits, travel many rivers, but eventually return to the river where they were born and raised 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá.

Women, on the other hand, don't look back once they leave home. Even though she knew her husband was waiting at home, she remained unmoved.

Women, therefore, may be likened to trout who swim from the river to the sea and never return.

It can be said that the behavioral characteristics of salmon and trout accurately reproduce the differences in male and female behavior.

Men are like salmon. When they are in power, they go home with a vengeance, only to come back regretful and dispirited. Women are like trout. Once they leave, they never return.

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Men are like salmon and women are like trout. The difference between the two is shown in every aspect of real life.

For example, men always think of the past, always like to reminisce about the past. Even when they tidy up their rooms, they care deeply about the past and preserve it carefully.

For example, they are perfectly comfortable keeping all sorts of things with their ex-girlfriends. So it's not surprising that when the current girlfriend found out, there were huge waves between the two.

Women, by contrast, say goodbye to the past much more thoroughly.

No matter how much they were in love in the past, when they fell back in love with another man, they turned a blind eye to everything related to their ex-boyfriend.

It goes without saying that the love letter written by her ex-boyfriend will be completely abandoned by them.

Who is stronger in the face of adversity? Faced with abandonment and having to break up, who can bounce back from the doldrums faster?

Since ancient times, men and women have been in and out of marriage, each time, with countless entanglement, pain and annoyance.

In the end, it is women who are the first to pull themselves out of the doldrums.

During this time, women start new families, have children and form new relationships. In contrast, many men will always sink into the abyss of loneliness, blindly shut themselves in a person's world.

Some of them are unwilling to be abandoned and encourage themselves to rise again, but more people can only try to be familiar with loneliness and suffer in silence.

In this sense, women are tenacious realists. Even if you feel sad and lonely for a while, you can quickly forget it and move on to a new life.

This very different nature of men and women from their physical appearance is what complicates relationships.

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