The disadvantages of hair extensions

Receiver can let a hair have different degree of damage, especially in the receiver will damage is extremely severe, and the hair after hair is extremely difficult to do, his films for receiver is through the hair wigs and connect together, if it is too lengthy, it is easy to pull hair originally bad, especially when washing the hair easy to wash hair, So be sure to wash your hair extremely carefully and gently, don't wash your hair too frequently, it will affect your service life.

What is the principle of hair extension? Is the length of the tube?
​Numerous receiver are non-trace receiver on the market, common and commonly opt to argue by grams hair, braided by her hair and false head braids together, braided relatively cheaper, compare one's deceased father grind hair division craft, pick up is bad, it's easy to see that the hair to calculate money, according to different hair in about 3 yuan, short hair in 2 yuan, The whole head is going to be about $600. By grams of hair is extremely popular recently, 9 yuan per gram, the hair and then nearly 100 grams, maybe between 1000-2000, according to the number of grams of hair is hair with a receiving device itself and fake hair grafting, overall more natural time is short, no relative to receiver technology request is not steep, the price will be a little bit costly, No matter what type of hair extensions are used, careful care is needed to ensure the longevity of High end Woman Wigs, which is typically about three months.
​What to do after receiving hair?
Finish the most essential thing is to do the hair after hair, to reduce the washing frequency, not everyday shampoo, it is best to wash the next day, it can prolong the service life of the hair, also need not difficult to pull hair, after all, not her hair so pulling on it is easy to remove, try not to summer hair, the hair is not real hair is made of nylon or other material, Therefore the air permeability will be extremely poor, summer hair extensions feel like wearing a extremely heavy cotton-padded jacket, extremely hot. Secondly, when nursing, we must treat hair gently, and frequently comb the wig, so that it can make the wig more smooth and not easy to knot, care products do not need extra attention, as long as the usual gentle treatment of hair, hair extensions out of the hair is extremely attractive, extremely suitable for concave modeling.

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