Unleashing Efficiency: The 15KW AC/DC Motor Electric Transaxle for Advanced Electric Drive Systems

The 15KW AC/DC Motor Electric Transaxle offers superior performance for heavy-duty electric vehicles, providing high power, exceptional torque, and advanced efficiency. Designed for demanding applications, it enhances vehicle capability with reliable, high-speed operation and minimal maintenance needs.


In the forefront of electric vehicle innovation, the 15KW AC/DC Motor Electric Transaxle represents a significant leap forward, combining high power output with the efficiency of a brushless design. This advanced rear axle is tailored for heavy-duty electric vehicles and specialized applications requiring both power and precision in their drive systems.

Product Overview

The 15KW AC/DC Motor Electric Transaxle is engineered to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of electric vehicles, from commercial trucks to high-performance specialty vehicles. It features a versatile AC/DC motor setup that allows for seamless integration into various electric systems, offering manufacturers flexibility in vehicle design and application.


Specification Detail
Motor Type AC/DC Motor, Brushless
Power Output 15KW
Operating Voltage Up to 120V DC
Maximum Speed Up to 80 km/h
Torque 120 Nm
Efficiency Over 85%
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Dimensions 650mm x 320mm x 300mm
Application Suitability Heavy-duty electric vehicles, specialty vehicles

Key Advantages

  • High Power Output: Provides a robust 15KW of power, enabling heavy-duty applications to perform at optimal levels.
  • Versatile Motor Configuration: Supports both AC and DC inputs, enhancing compatibility with different electric vehicle technologies.
  • Advanced Brushless Design: Offers enhanced efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements compared to traditional brushed motors.
  • Substantial Torque: Delivers up to 120 Nm of torque, ensuring strong acceleration and load-carrying capabilities.

Design and Performance Superiority

This electric transaxle is not just about raw power; it’s about integrating that power with smart design. The unit is built with a focus on durability and longevity, featuring high-grade materials and protective measures against environmental impacts. Advanced cooling systems ensure the motor operates within optimal temperature ranges, preventing overheating and potential damage.


This transaxle is exceptionally well-suited for:

  • Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles: Ideal for commercial vehicles that require significant torque for towing and heavy loads.
  • Specialty Vehicles: Perfect for applications such as airport tugs, large-scale agricultural vehicles, or any specialized machinery that needs reliable electric propulsion.

While the 15KW Electric Transaxle offers powerful advantages, its size and power output may not be ideal for smaller or light-duty vehicles. However, for the intended heavy-duty applications, it provides an unmatched combination of performance, efficiency, and reliability, making it a cornerstone in the development of advanced electric drive systems.

This product is a testament to the progress in electric vehicle technology, providing a reliable solution for manufacturers looking to push the boundaries of what electric vehicles can achieve. With this transaxle, vehicles gain the ability to handle more demanding tasks with greater efficiency and control.


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