How much eloquence does e-cigarette smoke calculate a real cigarette?

That's a very good question. I'd be happy to answer. I said 10.

This is now the most conventional statistical method, is also a way to identify cost performance. Like 600 bullets in one round.

One bite of 10 is equivalent to 60.

Each box of 20.

So one shell is worth three boxes. This cartridge is 15 yuan. That's 5 yuan a box. But that's not always the case in real life.

Like you can't finish one. Like me, I only smoke about half a cigarette. Why only half a cigarette? Because the nicotine is already satisfied, there is no addiction.

The other half, I'm not putting it back.

If we work it out, five rounds, we're full.

But some people have trouble with their lungs, throat, nose.

Nicotine is not satisfied, but there is no way to smoke, e-cigarettes have no harmful substances except nicotine.

You'll smoke more.

If you don't have a smoking history, I suggest you give your e-cigarettes away.
E-cigarettes are banned for minors and are not recommended for non-smokers

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