Tell me about 50 days of vaping

1. I have been smoking for more than 30 years; 2 packs a day +;

2. Switch to vaping from 2021.11.02;

3. ​I haven't bought a pack of cigarettes in 50 days;

4. Smoke no more than 10 solid cigarettes within 50 days, all given by friends;

5. Mung bean is my favorite flavor;

6. In the first week, I wanted to buy cigarettes every day, but I thought e-cigarettes were not enough. Especially on the third day, all I could think about was buying cigarettes. The whole people are anxious not to do it, like big uncle to the same;

7. You get used to vaping after a week;

8. At first one cigarette bomb a day, now one every two days;

9. It feels like vaping can curb your smoking habit. At least for me;

10. E-cigarette is more convenient, anytime, anywhere to take a sip, not much waste;

11. Some friends say vaping is more harmful. Baidu for a long time, Zhihu also read. There is no evidence or source of greater harm;

12. Cough a lot less. The original smoking is too bad, cough is very bad, now better;

13. Bad breath is much better;

14. How good or less harmful is smoking compared to smoking? I don't see it, I don't feel it; ​let's just say I got used to vaping;

15 can stick to not buying cigarettes. One of the reasons is: mom is sick, can not smell smoke;

16. Another reason: vaping is much cheaper than smoking cigarettes; ​vaping is about 15 yuan a day;

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