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  1. china jewelry wholesalers 1. Will you choose HAVING SEX;
    2, do your sexy and charming expression or movement;
    3, make a ghost face that everyone is satisfied with; ;
    5, the most shameful thing for myself;
    6, intertwined with a finger of the opposite sex, watching 10 seconds;
    7, there are several confidantes of the opposite sex;
    8, invite a heterosexual sex Singing love songs for you, or inviting a opposite sex to sing with your love song;
    9, 3 minutes like a heterosexual confession;
    10, grass dancing dance, stripping dance;
    11, the kiss wall of the expression 10 seconds.
    12, which part of the body is the most sensitive;
    13, do you wash your hands after going to the toilet?
    14. If there is a life, what will you choose to do;
    15, if you are dating with the person you like, what will happen when you meet your predecessor's male and female friends;
    16, friends and men and women Which is important for friends;
    17, what color is underwear;
    18, which step is it for the male/girlfriend;
    19, squatting on a stool for constipation;
    20, the age of the first kiss age ;
    21. Eat everyone to get the vegetables for you;
    22, sing the last sentence of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau;
    23, carry a heterosexual around the field for a week.

  2. fashion beyond jewelry wholesale 1. If you can choose anyone in the world, who do you want to invite to dinner together?
    2, do you want to become famous? Where is it?
    3, before calling, will you practice what you want to say first? Why?
    4, for you, how can it be a "perfect" day?
    5, when did you sing last time? When is singing to others?
    6. If you can live to 90 years old, and you can choose to keep your mind or body at 30 years old, which one would you choose?
    7, how can you die about the future, do you have your own secret hunch?
    8. List 3 traits that you and the other party have.
    9. What is the most grateful thing in your life?
    10, if you can change anything in your growth process, what changes do you want?
    11. In 4 minutes, tell your life story as much as possible.
    12, if you get any ability or characteristics after getting up tomorrow morning, what do you want?
    13, if there is a crystal ball that can tell you all the truth about yourself, life or future, what do you want to know?
    14, what has been done for a long time? The reason why it hasn't done yet?
    15, what is your biggest achievement in your life?
    16, which part of the friendship do you attach great importance to?
    17, what are your most precious memories?
    18, what are your worst memories?
    19. If you know that you will die suddenly within a year, will you change your current lifestyle? Why?
    20, what does friendship mean to you?

    extension information:

    social games
    S social games in real life are mainly divided into two categories, one Class is used for leisure and entertainment between relatives and friends, and one is used for social occasions such as competitions, gatherings, tourism, and performances. Social games have close relationships with culture, and have obvious regional differences, such as chess and card games, there are significant differences in many areas.
    The age layering of social games is relatively strong. For example, "home" is a social game that children like to play, but it is difficult to reflect on adulthood. With the popularity of the Internet, social games have slowly entered people's online life, and social games in social networks (SNS) pay more attention to the interaction between people.
    Classic chess and card games have been rapidly popularized on the Internet, and a considerable market size has been formed in the early days of Internet development. The growth of social games has accelerated the scale of social networks (SNS), and virtual gifts, virtual pets, spoofing, voting, etc. have been quickly popularized on social networks (SNS).
    The variety of social games, simple and easy to play, has become an indispensable leisure way for most netizens. Social games have entered a stage of high -speed development, and virtual currency and advertising revenue have become two important network profit models for social games.

  3. resin jewelry making supplies wholesale Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. What has been touched once?n2. See you with your favorite person, what do you want to wearn3. Talk about a lie I have recently saidn4. What performance will you do when you are the most unhappyn5. What are the most shameless things that have been donen6. How long do you like to be alone?n7. Who is the most credible in your heartn8. Do you have someone you like now?n9. Have I done something that makes you angry, what is it?n10. What do you like to show a person's performancen11. If one day I quarrel with you, what will you don12. What do you think is the most regrettable between us?n13. Who are people who think of before going to bed every day?n14. What do you can't stand the most what others do to youn15. When are you the happiest time with menMore 13nBleak

  4. cheap wholesale jewelry and handbags The graduation season in June ~ As you are close to graduation, classmates, friends, roommates, old iron, girlfriends, brothers gathering will inevitably be indispensable. It took 60 minutes to organize a collection of interesting questions for friends, including the relationship between couples and friends, a total of 60 questions, and friends who need it quickly take it away ~~
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n
    Listing classification: interesting class (general version), interesting class (couple version). A total of statistics:
    This True Talk Questions Daquan

    Plip the general diagram first. The content of the sharing of this issue is all interesting questions, including couples and interviews.
    In our style version of the style ~ friends quickly take away ~


    R n. Interesting class (universal version)
    . Interesting class (couple version)

    , interesting class (universal version)

    What to do if you step on your stool in the eyes?
    Suddenly winning 50 million will you resign (rest school) immediately?
    If in a poem/lyrics to announce the relationship, which sentence would you use?
    The object to the beach together, there is a beautiful (handsome) opposite sex, please help TA sunscreen, what will you do?
    The appearance of you and the object is 98 points and 2 points. Who do you want 98 and who is 2?
    If you can learn the three martial arts in martial arts novels, which three will you choose?
    This flowing deserted island, the mobile phone has no signal, and suddenly I can call. Who is the first call?
    The object and Aidou will call you at the same time. Who will you answer first?
    If you have a superpower, what do you want to have?
    If giving you a chance to travel to any place in the world, where will you go?
    What is the name of the first favorite opposite sex?
    In a magic candy for you, you can let a person do one thing, what will you let this person do?
    The chocolate -flavored chocolate, you must eat one, which one do you eat?
    If you cross the ancient times, except for clothes, you can only bring things worth 100 yuan, what do you think is best?
    If you retain your current memory and return to the classroom of elementary school, what will you do?
    If you want you to shoot a shot on your friend's leg, you will give you a 100 million, how many shots will you choose?
    It the whole process of your first kiss, if not, you think you are expected?
    In older you who are more than 20 -year -old, the more than the golden opposite sex pursuing you, how many thousands of you will be able to support you every month?
    Is when you take a bath, there is a very ugly opposite sex rushing in. What do you want to do in the first thing?
    It if your computer only allows one stand -alone game in this life, what will you install?

    . Interesting class (couple version)

    What colors of underwear today?
    What do you think of me?
    Where are your most sensitive parts?
    What is my most attractive point?
    This describe the dirty spring dream you have ever made?
    What do you think of derailment and cheating?
    do you like the girl who likes flat chest or a big breast?
    Do you care about my past emotional experience?
    Which part of you are most satisfied with your body?
    It do you have a boy or a girl after marriage? Why?
    often changing underwear?
    . Who will you choose if you choose to make a role in a movie?
    What is the first time I do?
    It prefer dad or mother, why?
    did you eat stealing?
    The five -like things you want most?
    did you pull Baba today?
    What is your ideal love in your mind?
    did you like when I wear JK?
    Which movie do you like best and what kind of resonance?
    Which type of clothes do you like most?
    Why are your last relationship ending?
    We if we accidentally have children?
    Is love career and family, how do you sort it?
    What do you like me the most?
    What is your yearning life? Specifically.
    Which socks do you like best?
    Yur do you believe in the soul partner?
    This describing my taste?
    What do you like me best?
    Yur's more valued my face or figure?
    Yur do you believe in marriage?
    did you have an unknown little habit?
    What is your beautiful childhood memory?
    did you have been obsessed with the other half of your friends?
    In the range of 1-10 points, how do you describe my sense of fashion?
    The ambiguous relationship between how many opposite sex has been in love?
    Valentine's Day, Tanabata, what gift do you want to receive?
    It if you add three centimeters to you, where do you want to increase?
    If the truth is to confess to me, whether the adventure is kissed me, would you choose the truth or adventure?

    friends, today's interesting category true words issues, the list sharing is here, we see the next time! I am a rabbit, I want to be a rich woman ~~~

  5. wholesale renaissance jewelry 1. How old is your first kiss, who was captured?
    2, how old is your first love?
    3, who is your first love object?
    4, how many lessons have been hung up to the university now?
    5, how many people have you kissed?
    6. Among everyone at the scene, which heterosexual classmate is the most comfortable?
    7. If you give you another chance, return to high school, what kind of opposite sex do you want to say?
    8, what is the name of your first opposite sex?
    9. Which one did you have been giving up? If not in the past, which one will you choose now as a YY object?
    10, what are your requirements for your dreams?
    11, the name of the opposite sex that keeps you never forget? reason?
    12, how many times do you talk about?
    13, who are the people who are remembered before going to bed every day?

    Extension information:
    The adventure is a gathering entertainment game, also known as honesty and bold. The two parties compare the fist guesses and other methods. The party who loses must choose "truth" or "big adventure".
    game rules:
    Predivid rules are generally 2 people, can be determined by guessing; when 3 people, you can use your hands to determine; if there are many people, you can draw cards. Generally speaking The one who wants to choose is true or adventure.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-True Talk

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