zuni pueblo jewelry wholesale What materials do I need for QQ heroine third -speed crystal mine?

zuni pueblo jewelry wholesale I play the federal, mainly I want to dig the blue crystal myself, so I don’t know how this three -gear crystal mine is built, which materials needed, and I can’t find where there is a three -gear crystal mine construction drawing. Bar

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  1. wholesale dichroic jewelry 1: There are three departments in the hero: physics. The gunpowder system. Magic Department; each player can learn 9 heroes in 2 gears, and everything is done, not conflicting; at the same time, only two heroes can be equipped; if some heroes do not need it, they can choose to forget, but once you forget this hero, this hero, but once you forget this hero, this hero Then you have no skills to practice. If you still have to install this hero, you will have to re -practice.
    2: Every skill of the hero can have additional attribute bonuses as long as you learn, such as learning a certain skill plus a few points of defense, etc. If you have time, you can learn the hero who can learn. The skills are rising by a few levels ~~ Multi -point attributes are a little bit
    3: The backpack in the item bar. If the position of the backpack of the equipment has items, this backpack cannot be moved.
    4: Friendship: You need to team up to go to the floating island, pull the tower to remove the tower, and feel that you are 2000, 800, 16, 16 attacks.
    5: What I know is that I can only get the pet capsule by express delivery. The pet hangs away loyalty and life. The loyalty of the novice store can be added to the rice balls, and the life span is only a little ganoderma in the store. Essence
    6: Life skills consume vitality, and vitality can only be added by Floating Island War and BOOS fructs. Essence Essence Essence
    7: The 3-gear collection area is in the championship reef sea-Sunshine Rainforest-Sunshine Farm-Fighting Plain
    8: 3 Mining Area (Evil Cave) in the Moon Cowcat Reef -Nream Rain Forest-Success Farm-Moon Crowd Macau
    9: Life skills cannot be forgotten so you should pay attention to weapons when you learn
    10: Gem synthesis-in the main city gemstone In the store synthesis, 3 strokes and 3 gears require 3 inferior gemstones synthetic stones and crystal coins, and 1,000 gold and 7 inferior synthetic stones (100%) are required for 3 gear and 4 gears.
    11: The ranking has a brand at the gate of the main city and the setting sun farm. : When a computer is normal, you can only open one client. You can turn on a virtual machine or sand table or something to achieve double opening.
    14: Look at the equipment attributes of the players in the chat window other players. Press Shift left button to see
    15: The game does not delete the file
    16: Which service to buy a voucher you bought Which one can only take
    17: The binding equipment can only be discarded or unbundited. The unbinding requires the order of the binding shop to buy and the coral. The first gear consumes one and the second gear consumes two.
    18: The second gear is equipped with a maximum of two additional attributes, two holes, and the three -gear equipment of up to two attributes, three holes, one card slot.
    19: The baby card and pet capsule type are given three times a day.
    20: Now the tower defense cannot buy crystals. To build a high -end tower, you need to collect the ore inside, and you can use the three -gear collection tool.
    1: The instant red and instantaneous blue milk can only be dropped or Boos dropped.
    2: It seems that the stalls can only be placed in the main city-hero hall, and the open field rolls are also there.
    3: You can catch the servant to bring back to his temporary camp for detention, and then get experience.
    24: The mine is opened, the third gear is unclear. In the second gear, regardless of the mining owner, as long as it is lightly light by others, he gets at least 350 resources and automatically send your mailbox every few minutes. The land opening requires the land contract and the corresponding mine drawings. It seems that only three land can be rented every hour. Each land has an hour. The resources are 350. If the owner is one, it is 700 times. Essence After finishing, you can only go to the mall to buy resources to refresh the volume. Essence Essence
    25: Equipment upgrades, 2 gear can be upgraded to 5 levels, and the third gear can be upgraded to level 7. Essence Essence Essence The 3 -gear equipment is good for upgrading and upgrading. Essence Essence Essence
    6: When the point coupon trading cannot be traded, when it is saturated, please try it at 8 o'clock in the evening.
    7: Switch the full screen and press F11 or Alt Enter.
    8 The system will send experience and medals according to the battle situation of the day, and will automatically send it to your mailbox in the early morning.
    29: When tugging, you need to destroy the opponent's castle twice, or be destroyed two two times, or be destroyed. The second time will be closed, which means that others cannot join this copy.
    30:25 and 26 are a watershed. There is no sufficient gold coin. I advise everyone not to rise up. The floating island is different. The difficulty is greatly increased. There are also many players with good equipment.
    31: Saw war, you need to demolish the opponent three times for each game, just enter 5 resurrected cross, and then send 5 after the second time. You can also buy the cross in the mall directly. Resurrection, but when the resurrection is a certain number of times, the consumed cross will double.
    upgrade experience:
    1: Various floating island battles 2 tug -of -war tug -of -war twice a day and two training twice a day, more than the number of times, various rewards once more attenuation 1/2, until 1/until 1/until 1/until 1/ After 36, it will not change.
    2: Warriors mission, the village in the reef sea can be connected, 3 rounds a day, five rounds of five times. There is also a chance to get gems.
    3: If you enter the group, there will be a mission mission, you can pick up
    4 in the main city tavern: Teaming experience, a certain time of luck to brush the monster time every day, it is double double, that is double double, that is double double, that is, double, that is, double, it is double double Double experience.
    5: Express delivery, there will be some experience daily express delivery. You can also get a card if you are lucky. The attributes that need to be identified. If not, find a sub -equipment with attributes to see if you need it. If you have the attributes you need, such as 7 object attack, then go to the institute of the main city, find researchers, synthesis, materials, materials, materials, materials, materials, materials, materials Then put the upgrade magic box, use inferior to synthesize the magic crystal in the second gear, use ordinary synthetic magic crystals in the third gear, and click the number of the materials every time below. The equipment can be synthesized. If you succeed, the attributes of the side equipment 7 objects will be directly on the main equipment. The secondary attribute of the main equipment is also set. Just, there is one. (For premise, if there are holes in the main equipment, you should cut it. Look at the main and sideline cave and the main equipment, so do n’t cut the cave of the sideline. Go up together), the three -gear equipment will be randomly card slot, the card slot should not be closed, I am not sure of this. The second -speed synthesis consumes crystal coins, and two second -gear decomposition materials; the three -speed synthesis consumes 2,000 gold coins, two three -gear decomposition materials. Three gear equipment identification 500 gold

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